Exmark_utv500SYou may have seen a UTV before, and perhaps just thought it was a 4-wheeler. Although similar in some ways, UTVs are much more than an all-terrain vehicle.

UTVs, not to be confused with ATVs, are utility terrain vehicles. They are something of a cross between a 4-wheeler and a pickup truck. What makes UTVs so special is their ability to make your outdoor chores a breeze by handling heavy work loads and being fun to drive at the same time. It hauls, it pulls, it plows, it plays! And unlike its ATV counterparts, UTV occupants ride side-by-side for off-roading adventures. UTVs work hard and play hard, too!

So why should you consider owning a UTV?

  • They’re safer. For one, they have seatbelts. Two, UTVs are pretty hard to roll, but if you did manage the difficult task of flipping it, they include a roll cage that is missing from their ATV cousins. If you are strapped in and keep your arms inside the vehicle, you should be very safe in the event of a rollover.
  • They’re more comfortable. The seats have backs, and the passengers of UTVs sit upright when riding, like you do in an automobile. They also have a large rear cargo hold for whatever you need to bring along with you, whether it be tools, firewood, or just a cooler full of drinks and snacks!
  • They’re Depending on how showy you want to get, there’s a large amount of customization options for UTV owners. Cab kits, specialty lighting, stereo systems are just some of many upgrades to make your UTV a prized item to add to your vehicle collection!

Interested? Buehrer Power Equipment proudly carries Exmark’s line of UTVs, which were introduced earlier this year. There are two models, the 500S and the 700S, both having similar features, most notably differing in engine power and hauling capacity (600 lbs vs 1,000 lbs, respectively). Check out our store or go to our website for contact information. Both models, however, can tow up to 1,500 lbs! Exmark Director of Marketing Daryn Walters said of the utility terrain vehicles: “They deliver the performance, productivity and long-term durability our customers demand in a package that’s just as good at having fun as it is at getting work done.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.