In-Store Only Wednesday, October 4 — Saturday, October 14

If you need a new lawnmower, now is the time to buy! Visit Buehrer Power Equipment in Stryker, Ohio for close out deals on brand name used lawn mowers. We need to make room for new inventory and are lowering prices on dozens of models. Prices for used equipment has never been lower and no reasonable offer will be refused.

Want to know what kind of great deals you can expect? See our inventory list below.

Selection is in-store only, while supplies last.

Riders & Tractors

Brand Model Cut Price
Simplicity 4210 36 $295
Simplicity 4211H 36 550
Wheel Horse 310-8 42 695
Troy Bilt 18.5hp Tractor 42 750
Simplicity 12RTG 36 795
Simplicity 5212.5H 42 995
Simplicity Broadmoor 15hp 44 1,095
Cub Cadet GT1554 54 1,095
Simplicity 7112H 42 1,195
Simplicity Broadmoor 14hp 38 1,295
Simplicity SunStar 18hp
 w-trailer vac collector 48 1,300
Simplicity Landlord 20hp 50 1,495
Simplicity Broadmoor 16hp 44 1,495
Simplicity Broadmoor 16hp 44 1,795
Simplicity Landlord 17hp 50 1,995
Simplicity SunStar 20hp 60 2,095
Simplicity Landlord 18hp 50 2,495

Front Runners & Zero Turn

Brand Model Cut Price
Schroeder Front Runner 14hp 40 $895
Simplicity ZT1644 44 1,195
Husqvarna Rider 16hp 41 1,395
White FR1800 18hp 52 1,395
Husqvarna Rider 14 Pro 14hp 41 1,499
Husqvarna Rider Pro 15hp 41 1,595
Husqvarna Z4824 48 1,699
Deines 1800KT 60 1,995
Toro Z1752 52 2,195
Dixie Chopper Iron Eagle 25hp 50 2,495
Exmark CT4418BV 18hp 44 2,599
Exmark Lazer HP 18hp KC 48 3,599
Exmark Lazer HP 23hp KC 52 3,995
Steiner 430 20hp 60 4,695
Grass Hopper 722D Diesel w-cab 61 4,795
Exmark Pioneer 710 48 4,995
Steiner 410 20hp none 5,900
Exmark Lazer Z 31hp BV 60 6,195
Exmark Lazer Z 25hp Diesel 72 6,995
Steiner 230 20hp 72 6,995
Steiner 230 20hp 72 7,495

Exmark Demos

Model       Notes Cut Price
LZE742GKC604A3   Suspension Seat 60 $8,399
LZX740KC526 52 9,499
LZS27KC604        w-QD Bagger 60 10,697
LZS740EKC606RS   EFI Rear Disch 60 10,799
LZX940EKC606        EFI Red series 60 12,799
LZX801GKA606B1    Susp Platform 60 12,799
LZS740PK604        Propane 60 13,299

Mechanic Specials

Brand Model Cut Price
MTD walk-behind mower 21 $10
Lawn Boy 10304 walk mower 21 10
MTD walk-behind mower 22 15
Poulon Lawn Tractor 13.5hp 36 40
Toro Rider 8-25 25 40
Simplicity Lawn Tractor Express 38 50
Snapper 7800709 walk mower 22 70
Troy Bilt Tractor TRG15G 42 80
Simplicity 4212H 36 85
Simplicity 7018H none 100
Toro 20043 walk mower 21 Free
2) Toro 20107 walk mower 21 Free

Buying Used Lawn Equipment in Ohio

used equip2If you’re in the market for home maintenance equipment, have you considered buying used lawn equipment in Ohio? Most people think you’d only find used goods like this at garage sales, flea markets or from online sellers, where the quality is questionable or you run the risk of being scammed.

That’s not necessarily the case anymore.

Just as many consumers buy used automobiles, buying previously owned lawn equipment is a safe proposition, but only if you buy from a reputable dealer, much the way you would when looking for a used vehicle. At Buehrer Power Equipment, Inc., we aren’t called the lawn mower specialists for nothing. Service is a big part of our business, no matter whether a piece of lawn equipment is new or used. Service is why you can rest assured that any piece of used lawn equipment in Ohio that we sell will run right the first time and every time.

Cost is a prime consideration when considering used lawn equipment. Many homeowners who have walk behind mowers would really prefer to have a riding mower to groom their large properties, but high price tags for new machines make them out of reach. Quality used equipment at a considerable price reduction, however, is often just as good as new. Thus, you can get much more equipment with more features than you would if you purchase new.

Buehrer Used EquipmentAnother advantage of buying used lawn equipment in Ohio from Buehrer Power Equipment is that our company is built on service. Sales are only a small portion of our day-to-day operations. Most of the time, our staff is repairing or reconditioning various types of power equipment to keep these small machines in running condition and extend their lives. Every used item we sell goes through an all points inspection to determine equipment quality and remedy any potential problems.